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[ Student Research To Be Discussed At A National Conference Dedicated To The Advancement Of Treating Anxiety Disorders ]

Student Research To Be Discussed At A National Conference Dedicated To The Advancement Of Treating Anxiety Disorders

Stress and anxiety among Americans is under increasing concern - in the doctor's office, in the workplace and at home. UC student researchers will be examining different facets of the crisis as they take part in a national conference aimed at bringing relief to that suffering. UC graduate and undergraduate research posters will be presented at the 32nd annual conference of the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, which will be held April 12-15 in Arlington, Va. All of the student researchers are under the mentorship of Alison Mcleish, a UC assistant professor of psychology. Three graduate students and four undergraduate research assistants will represent the UC Department of Psychology at the conference. Here's a roundup of the poster presentations: The Role of Distress Tolerance in Excessive Worry Description: Excessive worry, the defining feature of generalized anxiety disorder, has been identified as a cognitive avoidance strategy to reduce emotional experiences.

Health 2.0 Europe 2012 Conference, November 6-7, Berlin

What is Health 2.0 Europe about? It's about a new generation of entrepreneurs believing they can be the change they want to see in their health systems. It's about leveraging the international Health 2.0 community to promote cross-pollination of ideas and technology collaboration. It's about start-ups leading the way into the future of healthcare! Who should attend? Health entrepreneurs, IT solution providers, health professionals, patient organizations, health authorities, public and private insurance organizations, medical devices and pharmaceutical companies, start-ups, telecom groups, VC and financiers, policy makers, academics... In 2012 we have 2 full days to play. It means more time to focus on the latest trends in the European and global Health 2.0 community: more panels, more live demos and some exciting additions to the program including ' Code-A-Thon ' and ' MatchPoint ' sessions.

A Global Outlook For The Generics Industry: From Commodity To Value Added Generics, 14-15 May 2012, London

With less than a month away, SMi is pleased to invite you to attend its Generics, Supergenerics and Patent Strategies conference that is to be held in London. It will provide you with an excellent overview of the industry and where it stands, along with case studies from the big players in the market showing how they have handled issues and how they see the industry moving forward. We will also be covering some of the current regulatory issues and evaluating big Pharma perspective of their movements in the generic field. Hear from expert industry leaders that include: Rex Clements, Country Head UK, Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals Yariv Hefez, Director Global Business Development & Alliance Management, Merck Serono International S.A. Paul Csiszar, Director, European Commission Julie Barrett-Major, Director of Intellectual Property, Norgine Ltd Richard Dicicco, Chairman, Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals Benefits of attending include: Discuss how successful branded generics and supergenerics value for money and how they actually perform in the market Evaluate the state of the European markets as well at the emerging markets of the MENA regions.

3rd Annual External Collaborative Innovation In Life Science R D Conference, 2-3 October 2012, London, UK

Maximizing R&D productivity & minimizing risk, through efficient management of more-open & intelligent alliances & partnerships This two day event will be the third year for us to shed light on the new models currently under evaluation within large pharmaceutical external innovation which continue to take an increased turn towards trends found within open innovation studies today. The need to increase motives behind collaborators involved continues to be an unmet challenge which we will address during the two days of presentations and case studies. This event is aimed at gaining better access to appropriate crowdsourcing methods that increase the value seen by all parties involved within your external innovation. Why attend? Hear real-life examples of successful implementation from pharmaceutical companies, academic-led consortia, non-profits and public-private partnerships.

Lower Seat Belt Use By Obese Drivers Puts Them At Greater Risk In Road Traffic Accidents

Obese drivers are far less likely to wear seat belts than are drivers of normal weight, a new University at Buffalo study has found, a behavior that puts them at greater risk of severe injury or death during motor vehicle crashes. The UB study found that normal weight drivers are 67 percent more likely to wear a seat belt than morbidly obese drivers. Drivers were considered overweight or obese if they had a BMI (body mass index) of 25 or more, according to the World Health Organization definition of obesity, with 25-30 defined as overweight, 30-35 slightly obese, 35-40 moderately obese and 40 morbidly obese. "It's clear that not wearing a sea tbelt is associated with a higher chance of death, " says lead author Dietrich Jehle, MD, professor of emergency medicine at the UB School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and associate medical director at Erie County Medical Center.

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