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[ 3rd Annual External Collaborative Innovation In Life Science R D Conference, 8-9 August 2012, Philadelphia USA ]

3rd Annual External Collaborative Innovation In Life Science R D Conference, 8-9 August 2012, Philadelphia USA

Maximizing R&D productivity & minimizing risk, through efficient management of more-open & intelligent alliances & partnerships This two day event will be the third year for us to shed light on the new models currently under evaluation within large pharmaceutical external innovation which continue to take an increased turn towards trends found within open innovation studies today. The need to increase motives behind collaborators involved continues to be an unmet challenge which we will address during the two days of presentations and case studies. This event is aimed at gaining better access to appropriate crowdsourcing methods that increase the value seen by all parties involved within your external innovation. Why Attend? Hear real-life examples of successful implementation from pharmaceutical companies, academic-led consortia, non-profits and public-private partnerships.

Oncology Unmet Medical Need Forum, 6-7 August 2012, Philadelphia, USA

Payer & public health investment priorities to stimulate the development of value-adding anti-cancer medicines This will be a very unique conference that will allow public and private payers (i.e. health plans, Medicare, Medicaid, PBMs, HTA agencies, policy makers in the USA and internationally) and oncology healthcare providers to come together to present and discuss their views regarding their current and future unmet needs in oncology indications. This discussion will help bring fresh insight & discussion amongst key stakeholders to prevent the wasted development of "me-too" drugs in the coming years, and to encourage investment into therapies for indications that achieve budget-effective medical "innovation" and improve patient access to high-value medications. The event will also look at what the biopharma industry needs to do to integrate payer unmet needs into cancer R&D pipelines and generate clearer evidence of added-value, by hitting payer-focused endpoints and to develop advanced medications that improve real health outcomes.

Clinical Trial Logistics Conference, 22-23 May 2012, London

SMi present their 6th annual Clinical Trial Logistics event to be held in London on 22nd & 23rd of May 2012. The event will be focusing on how to improve efficiency and cost effectiveness in your clinical supply chain. Presentations on Shipping validation, transportation studies, timely delivery of clinical trials & understanding and analysis of risk will help you to address any weaknesses in your supply chain, but more importantly, to build on your strengths. In keeping with this, presentations on potential challenges posed by the Olympics and distribution strategy for a virtual company provide unique focus to the discussion. With over 100 industry professionals attending, this event provides an ideal learning, networking and betterment opportunity. This is a must attend event if you want to stay ahead of the competitive curve and expand your understanding of the field and your business network.

RNAi, MiRNA SiRNA: A Focus On Nanotechnology DeliveryConference, 11-12 June 2012, London

SMi present their annual RNAi, miRNA & siRNA: A Focus on Nanotechnology & Delivery Conference on 11th &12th June 2012 held in London. This year's event will focus on the utility of nanotechnology to aid the delivery and development of novel therapeutics in the field of RNAi, miRNA and siRNA and senior industry executives will present attendees with in depth studies on targeted exosomes, structure-activity relationships and antisense technologies. Key Benefits of Attending: Learn about and consider solutions to the issues within miRNA therapeutic identification and delivery strategies Evaluate Novartis and GSK's innovative strategies to ensure success in effective siRNA delivery Understand the latest advances in nanotechnology formulation and process engineering from Sanofi-Aventis Hear about antisense developments from RiboBio Pharmaceuticals and the University of Westminster Discuss current developments in novel RNAi therapeutics with experts form Santaris Pharma, Silence Therapeutics and Quark Pharmaceuticals Consider commercialisation and regulatory strategies in nanotechnology Network with key industry professionals and forge partnerships with key players in the field HEAR KEY PRESENTATIONS FROM EXPERTS IN THE FIELD: Structure-activity relationships of chitosan/siRNA nanoparticles in-vitro and vivo Michael Keller, Senior Fellow, siRNA Project Leader, Technical Research & Development, Novartis Nanotech formulation and process engineering Mostafa Nakach, Head of Pharmaceutical Engineering Group, Sanofi-Aventis Non-viral delivery of self-amplifying RNA vaccines Andrew Geall, Platform Technology Leader, Novartis Human mRNA and miRNA expression profiling following a major skin trauma Paul Wilson, Senior Investigator, GlaxoSmithKline RNAi and antisense technologies Dmitry Samarsky, Executive Vice President, RiboBio Pharmaceuticals For more information website: http://www.

7th Annual ADMET Conference 9-10 July 2012, London

Don't miss the 7th annual ADMET conference taking place on 9th & 10th July 2012, London, reserve you place today and hear from expert leaders in ADMET as they present in-depth analyses of the very latest In-Vitro, In-Silico developments and DMPK profile optimisation. Get to grips with compounds for Brain and Central Nervous System penetration, computational approaches and predictive models including protein modelling, and attrition in drug discovery and more. KEYNOTE ADDRESS DAY ONE: Merck-Serono are one of the leaders in the field for drug discovery, DMPK and translational research. In this presentation learn how new technologies in the pharmaceutical industry, new drug chemistries & discoveries and innovative R&D can reshape pharmaceutical and biotechnical companies. KEYNOTES ADDRESS DAY TWO: In this presentation Sanofi-Aventis will give a valuable case study on Drug-to-Drug Interactions and the implications of these drugs as transporters.

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