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[ Women With Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Can Safely Bear Children ]

Women With Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer Can Safely Bear Children

New research has shown for the first time that it is safe for women who have been diagnosed with oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer to become pregnant, despite doctors' previous fears that pregnancy could boost levels of oestrogen in the body and cause the cancer to return. In fact, the findings, to be presented today (Wednesday) at the eighth European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-8) in Vienna, suggest that becoming pregnant at any time following a diagnosis of breast cancer does not increase the risk of recurrence, even if the pregnancy occurs during the first two years after the diagnosis. Furthermore, patients who become pregnant appear to survive longer than those who do not. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women during their childbearing years. As women delay starting a family until they are older and the survival from breast cancer has improved, increasing numbers of breast cancer survivors want to have babies after their cancer treatment has finished.

Pharmaceutical Medical Device Global Transparency Initiatives Conference, 21-22 May 2012, Boston, MA

This summer, Q1 Productions will bring together pharmaceutical and medical device industries' leading minds in discussions of regulatory, industry and legal matters related to the present and future of disclosure and transparency regulations. As pharmaceutical and medical device transparency and disclosure is a relatively new, developing legal area, regulations are only becoming more pervasive and stringent. Countries around the world are ramping up their regulatory efforts, compliance executives need to become familiar with the burgeoning international transparency landscape to best manage projects with colleagues, physicians and healthcare practitioners (HCPs) around the world. Adding to the growing global transparency regulations framework formally structured by government bodies, pharmaceutical and medical device organizations along with industry codes of best practices around the world have encouraged internal guidelines, systems and processes for accurate reporting and publishing.

Medical Device Public Relations And Corporate Communications Conference, 14-15 May 2012, Chicago, IL

This summer, public relations (PR) professionals from around the nation, representing medical device companies large and small, will come together in Chicago to discuss management strategies in an industry that necessitates tight control. It is not uncommon to see revealing stories on medical devices and their companies make their way to front-page news. In these instances, high-quality and fast-moving public relations management provides for released company information to best reflect the desires of the company and its investors. The role of the medical device PR executive becomes more challenging as media outlets diversify and information dissemination quickens with social media. PR professionals take on an increasingly wide range of responsibilities. Q1's upcoming executive-level meeting will cover all topics most important to today's savvy PR professional, as PR activity is critical to overall company growth and development.

2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Forum, 6-8 May 2012, Jacksonville, FL

This May, Q1 Productions brings pharmaceutical companies together in Jacksonville, Florida to examine the challenges faced, best strategies employed and future ahead for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Industry's brightest from the likes of Eli Lilly, Procter & Gamble and Amgen will join to present their expertise and insight into the development and maintenance of highly compliant facilities. While successful pharmaceutical companies continue to strategize and employ streamlined manufacturing operations to rein in costs, they balance this with the need to keep a tight regulatory compliance structure in place. High-profile recalls and cases of manufacturing non-compliance spread quickly, pervasively and put pressure on companies to employ only the highest quality practices. This summer's programming follows January 2011's pharmaceutical manufacturing forum, going into greater depth and building on initial issues discussed.

7th Annual ADMET Conference, 9-10 July 2012, London

SMi are proud to present their 7th annual ADMET conference on 9th & 10th July 2012 in London, ADMET studies perform a vital role in the drug discovery process. This conference will address the barriers that are currently faced by the PK/PD community and also how recent discoveries have improved the understanding of the mechanisms involved in ADME-Tox. It will also address the new technologies and techniques being developed to overcome the classic physiological barriers to drug bioavailability. Attendees will hear presentations from senior experts in the field on the current issues as well as case studies from recent drug development programmes. Reasons why you should attend: Presentations from a verity of top Pharma companies discussing their approaches to DMPK and Tox studies. Half day session focusing on the latest strategies and recommendations for transporter studies and evaluation of potential DDIs Case study of the application of drug transporter studies in recent development by Galapagos Discussion of the challenges faced by drugs targets to the CNS and how to optimise your drug for CNS penetration.

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