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[ Generics, Supergenerics And Patent Strategies Conference, 14-15 May 2012, London ]

Generics, Supergenerics And Patent Strategies Conference, 14-15 May 2012, London

Strategic considerations for developing a value added generic The pharmaceutical generics industry is a fast moving and is a consistently expanding one. With the much referenced patent cliff rapidly approaching, all businesses are looking to generics for a source of additional revenue. SMi's is pleased to announce its Generics, Supergenerics and Patent Strategies conference that will provide you with an excellent overview of the industry and where it stands, along with case studies from the big players in the market showing how they have handled issues and how they see the industry moving forward. We will also be covering some of the current regulatory issues and evaluating big Pharma perspective of their movements in the generic field. Benefits of attending include: Discuss how successful branded generics and supergenerics value for money and how they actually perform in the market Evaluate the state of the European markets as well at the emerging markets of the MENA regions.

Social Media In The Pharmaceutical Industry Conference, 9-10 July 2012, London

2012 is an exciting year for social media: the year social media goes viral. The pharmaceutical industry has been waiting for guidance from the FDA and now they have finally shed some light with their 'Off-Label Use' with some mention regarding social media. With this industry moving at a rapid pace, and with more patients and healthcare professionals becoming more tech-savvy, the pharmaceuticals industry need to embrace social media. Building on the tremendous success of SMi's first three Social Media in Pharmaceuticals conference, we are proud to present our fourth event in the series; focused on keeping our audience up-to-date with developments in the ever-changing social media sphere. Benefits of attending are to: Understand how to engage and educate your patients and healthcare professionals through social media Learn how to gain 'buy in' and deal with change management effectively Evaluate the latest trends and developments in the industry Discover what the future holds in this rapidly evolving market and the impact of social media Gain and insight into successful social media campaigns led by top pharmaceutical companies Network with all the key professionals in social media in the utilities sector Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to network with experts in the field.

NHS Informatics: Delivering A Successful Information Revolution, 19th September 2012, The Barbican, London

The Department of Health has called for an 'information revolution', which will be defined by transparency and accessibility, and is critical for quality improvements. To achieve this, data management is moving from being the sole domain of informatics professionals to the concern of all working within the NHS. At NHS Informatics: delivering a successful information revolution, a panel of expert speakers will discuss how innovations in healthcare information management can be successfully translated from theory into practice to facilitate a range of positive outcomes, including patient empowerment, improvements in clinical care and medical research, productivity increases and efficiency savings. Delegates will have the chance to challenge, discuss and debate the key issues and gain relevant insight applicable to their professional roles which they can embed within their organisations and improve services.

Biobanking: Enabling Research By Improving Access To Samples Conference 11 - 12 July 2012, London

Access to samples is paramount to scientific research. Biological samples such as DNA, RNA, proteins, cells and tissues are collected from donors, processed and stored centrally for later use in experiments conducted by academia and industry alike. This has given rise to the concept of Biobanking. In 2009 the market for biobanking products and services was estimated to be worth $8B and is expected to reach $45B by 2025. UK and European biobanks are enjoying rapid growth and there is now greater impetus being put on data sharing, interoperability and harmonisation of biobanks worldwide. SMi's 2nd annual Biobanking event will reflect the significant change driving current development in bio sample management. With great impetus being put on data sharing, interoperability and harmonisation of biobanks, it will explain how single centre research facilities are evolving into research infrastructures.

Social Media In Post-Marketing Drug Safety To Be Addressed At Pharmacovigilance Adverse Event Reporting Conference, 22-24 May 2012, Boston

marcus evans, a conference producing company, will host the 2nd Global Pharmacovigilance & Adverse Event Reporting Conference, May 22-24, 2012 in Boston, MA. More than 16 leading experts will provide insights on dissecting the impact of new global regulations, understanding adverse reporting requirements, strengthening data mining and REMS and deploying signal detection tactics. PharmaVOICE recently published a cover article in its February 2012 issue titled "Safety and Pharmacovigilance: A Moving Target." One of the conference speakers, Mr. Patrick Caubel, Vice President, Global Head, Global Pharmacovigilance & Epidemiology at Sanofi, highlights social media as one of his top two challenges. In the article, Caubel states, "The ... challenge is the emergence of diversified and non-conventional sources of safety information - social media - and the need to integrate these data sources into our practice.

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