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[ Medical Device Leaders Forum, 21-23 May 2012, Berlin ]

Medical Device Leaders Forum, 21-23 May 2012, Berlin

This 3-day event will feature perspectives from a variety of stakeholders involved in the market access of medical devices and technologies. With focused sessions based on specific product natures and discussion of both emerging and established markets, this event has targeted information for all medical device market access professionals. Day 1 is focused on understanding the needs of medical device payers and HTAs to ensure value demonstration in the correct terms for attendees. Day 2 will address the "established markets" such as Europe and North America, and the afternoon will include focused streams which will address the specific market access challenges for three different product natures: 1. Surgical Devices & Implants 2. Imaging & Capital equipment 3. In-vitro Diagnostics Day 3 of the event will focus upon market access for medical devices and technologies in rapidly emerging markets such as Latin America, China, Russia & India.

Pharma Pricing Market Access Outlook Europe 2012, 20-23 March, London

Health Network Communications recently interviewed Stefanie Thomas, Drug Assessment, IQWiG on what she thought the top issues impacting pharmaceutical market access were, and how she addressed these issues. Ms Thomas believes the top 3 issues impacting pharmaceutical market access are: "Maintenance of affordable high-quality health care; area of conflict between early adoption of innovation and valuing of true innovation; evidence-based health policy". She is addressing the issues by: "Objective examination of the advantages and disadvantages of medical services; production of independent, evidence-based reports e.g. on drugs." Stefanie Thomas will be representing IQWiG at the Pharma Pricing & Market Access Outlook Europe 2012 which takes place in London next week. Here she will be elaborating on these issues.

Building An Innovative Customer-Centric Business Model, 13-14 June, 2012, Brussels

This meeting will look at what different business models exist that are the most customer-facing, flexible and integrated with healthcare systems. Furthermore, and in-depth discussion will take place in terms of how such cross-functional teams can work together to more effectively provide diverse stakeholders with the budget effective health outcomes that are required in today's complex environment. Why Attend? Think outside the box! Understand new ways of becoming more integrated and integral to healthcare systems and be seen as an essential value-added partner with them. Listen to stakeholders views and learn how to communicate and engage with today's diverse stakeholders and satisfy their complex and unique needs Appreciate how cross-functional, customer-facing teams can be best structured at the global/regional/local-level and how their goals can be managed and aligned to ensure consistent communication with external stakeholders.

SMi's Inaugural Antibody Drug Conjugates Summit, 23-24 May 2012, London

Antibody Drug Conjugates are used to fight cancerous cells and are made up of the antibody that will target a specific tumour0-associated antigen a drug often described as payload and the linker. This results in a drug being delivered selectively to the appropriate malignant cell due to the antibody targeting and specific antigen. Join SMi at their inaugural ADC Summit conference that will provide a complete picture of developments in the ADC field and focus on design strategies, payload delivery techniques, target identification and linker-drug technologies. It will also bring together industry experts who will present attendees with the chance to hear about the latest innovations and insights about the development and utility of antibody drug conjugates in a variety of therapeutic areas.

Minimally Invasive Treatments That Will Change Modern Medicine

The Society of Interventional Radiology will feature minimally invasive scientific advances and new discoveries that may change the way dozens of diseases are treated at its 37th Annual Scientific Meeting March 24-29 at San Francisco's Moscone Center. More than 5, 000 physicians, scientists and allied health professionals are expected to attend this premier interventional radiology event. The meeting's theme, "IR Evidence, " reflects a growing commitment to develop and prove care-changing advances in dozens of practice areas important to the specialty. Nearly 400 scientific presentations and posters substantiating patient outcomes in interventional radiology research and approximately 150 technical exhibits and product demonstrations will be showcased during the 2012 Annual Scientific Meeting.

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